White label IT services that work

We are groups of certified technical geeks who provide world-class IT solutions with cutting-edge technology to improve your and your customers overall business performance

Our Expertise

Infrastructure and Networks

At KiwiICT, we like to think we are tech artists, and building solid networks is one of the numerous areas we get creative. We’ll help you set up your system network from scratch and manage them with the best Enterprise Infrastructure vendors (Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, Checkpoint, etc).

Technology Consulting

Technology is the driving force of modern-day businesses. Whether you need advice on software or professional input on improving customer service through IT, we are here to help. With our industry experience, we have solved numerous problems to help you cope with anything IT.

Advanced Call Center

Optimize your customer service with the modern call center facilities that we provide. From Interactive Voice Response to an advanced caller ID detector, we use only the best software providers for your business through various integrated communication media.

Cloud Technology

In today’s business world, it’s better to leave IT to experts like us. We have developed several data storage, processing, organizing, and maintaining tools to help sort out your data. At KiwiICT, only the best and trusted Cloud Service providers are employed to boost our clients’ businesses.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Every business faces cybersecurity risks, and data can get compromised; that’s why we have an experienced team trained to counter cybersecurity threats. We’ll assess your cybersecurity, put security protocols in place, and keep on updating them.

Technical Support

At KiwiICT, we are always monitoring the progress of our clients’ IT facilities; we don’t leave anyone (we mean our client) behind. You will get the best technical assistance from our experts, who are only a call or email away whenever you need it. We are alway here to help!

How We Work

Step 1

Share your problems and needs with us. We will gather the details and required project scope.

Step 2

We will then carry out a thorough audit of the state of things to prepare a detailed as-built documentation

Step 3

Based on your unique problems or needs, we will come up with carefully thought-out designs.

Step 4

Our experts will build, test, and troubleshoot your solution based on the best functional design

Step 5

We will install and implement the solution and provide you with the training and documentation needed

Step 6

It doesn’t end there. Our technical support staff will provide you with ongoing and ad-hoc support as needed

Our Promises

Boost your productivity

Your business will never be the same the moment you start partnering with us. With our expertise and sophisticated IT resources, your business will reach unprecedented heights in no distant time.

Round-the-clock data security

Secure your data with one of the best IT consulting firms in the industry to reduce risks. Our IT experts are more than capable of providing your protection from external intrusion.

Get the backing of our full tech force

When you get into partnership with us, you're not hiring one person; it's all of us.  You'll have the backing of over 50 IT certified geeks; the force is always with you and your clients.

Lower your operational costs

Our professional endeavour transcends providing IT solutions; our clients have recorded reduced operational costs throughout our partnership.

We’ll manage your expanding data

Data is everything, but it can also be a lot to handle. We have the brains and tools to handle your ever-increasing data capacity and needs.

Enhance your tech possibilities

Get all the best IT resources with us at KiwiICT. We’ll augment your IT reserve to increase your business’s possibilities.

Yes, we are an IT consulting business, but you are important to us regardless of the industry. We treat our clients like additional members of our family. Our customer support lines and social network handles are always open to assist you with anything.