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About us

KiwiICT employs the best engineer resources around the world to help our client reach great things and gain competitive advantage through technology and innovations. Our young and dynamically developing company comprises 20 high skilled professionals with more than 10 years of experience in ICT each, including more than 100 successful projects in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and New Zealand.  We are the game-changers, 24/7 making this world a better place with no regards to borders and time zones. KiwiICT works to boost your business. Modern and reliable infrastructure is the key to effectiveness. Accessibility of core IT services is directly dependent on the quality of design, deployment, and maintenance of systems. Appropriate and sound decisions enable to avoid downtimes, low productivity, and high costs! Our competence is here to address your challenge! We contribute one cent from each earned dollar to charity foundation in order to help children from dysfunctional families.

Our mission:

Erasing borders, releasing talents, creating profit for clients.

About us

Our clients receive all necessary documents and information on the projects.
We effectively use all our acquired skills.
Our positive attitude is our guide to achieve positive results.
We do.
Employing cutting edge technologies.
Achieving goals
We keep our words.