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Infrastructure and Networks

Network Infrastructure is a backbone of any business. Whether you’re looking at building a network for a small business offline-oriented business or large data-sensitive enterprise you want it to be: Reliable. Scalable. Secure. You need it for both best and worst case scenarios, to be ready for any sort of threats and rapid growth.

The KiwiICT team has seen it all. Each new case is a challenge we’re up to.

First, we access the existing Network components, identify bottle-necks and determine the approach most suitable for the current situation. 

Then we plan a Infrastructure Design to the finest details:  

  • Overall scheme of the Network
  • Structure and layout of the necessary cabling
  • Quantity, type and location of all devices on the network 
  • IP Addresses structure
  • LANs/WAN
  • Routing & Switching
  • Wireless Network and Management
  • Security architecture and procedures

Now, when the Network solution was tailored and ironed, our senior network infrastructure consultants and engineers can implement it from the ground up, connect multiple sites, bring up new locations and much more. The result is transparent and accountable infrastructure to serve, not to bottle in the business.

KiwiICT offers remote workplace set up, monitoring and support for businesses of any size and structure. We work with all best Enterprise Infrastructure vendors like Cisco, OpenVPN, Palo Alto, etc.

Technology Consulting

Everyone is about products these days. New Information and communication technologies are emerging and getting more complex every day, each holding a promise to bring value, success and expediency. However, most Managed Service Providers are looking not for eternal happiness, but for a job to be done.

Let KiwiICT take care of:

  • ICT Strategy & Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • IT Programme & Project Management
  • Information & Systems Security
  • IT Solutions Delivery

Leaning on decades of hands-on experience across a wide range of industries in both public and private sector, KiwiITC delivers IT consulting and management services that can be relied upon by IT professionals and business leaders alike. Each of our IT specialists have been selected for their skills and expertise in specific, high-impact technologies.

Advanced Call Center

Even though we are living in the world of constant typing, business owners emphasize that voice communication is still a relevant factor in improving the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Poorly setup customer service can destroy even the best of products. And while this tool majorly depends on the human factor, technology provision must be flawless.

Choose the required Call Center functions to match specific business needs and let the KiwiICT team of senior VoIP engineers to handle their implementation: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Predictive dialer, Unified Communications, Call Center Solutions, Interactive capabilities and much more. 


Benefits of KiwiITC Business VoIP Solutions

  • Anywhere, any-device communications
  • Professional business features
  • Integrated communications channels (phone, fax, email, DM, video)
  • Consistent branding across communications channels
  • Disaster-proof communications

We work with multiple service and software providers including, but not limited to 3CX, Asterisk, Asternic, Virtual PBX, OnSIP, Genesys Cloud and others

Cloud Technology

Transparency and accessibility of today’s digital world comes with a price. Piles of inhomogeneous data resulting from varied business activities can become as messy and vulnerable as paperwork, just when you breathed out to get rid of it. 

Over years of experience, KiwiICT developed a number of tested and reliable solutions to store, process and organize information by means of trusted cloud tools. A tailored solution will help not only to access required resources exactly when and how you need them, but also to be cost-efficient meaning you pay only for the services without buying extra hardware or complex software.

Explore Benefits of KiwiICT Cloud Solutions

  • Secure, mobile access to data and workflow
  • Simplified IT management
  • Easier, real-time collaboration
  • Built-in industry-standard and legislative compliance
  • Digital business process transformation capability
  • Easily scale up or down
  • Cost effective

We work with the most recognized and reliable Cloud Service providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud. 

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Cyber threats became a commonplace since the Rise of Machines, although it’s not pieces of iron that pose a threat, but human beings. Doing it for profit, fun or practice, either way you don’t want your system to be somebody’s playground. KiwiICT team has years of experience in performing security assessment, developing and testing protection strategies and hardening networks and applications.


Benefits of KiwiICT Network Security

  • ICT Strategy & Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • IT Programme & Project Management
  • Information & Systems Security
  • IT Solutions Delivery

Trust certified KiwiICT engineers to perform penetration testing and ethical hacking, create detailed security reports, make suggestions to remove vulnerabilities and existing malwares, protect your system from phishing and DDoS attacks and much more.

Technical support

Once a system is all set up, here comes its management to provide peak performance. Hiring staff to constantly maintain it is an option, but not always a practical and cost-efficient one to suit every kind of business.

IT-outsourcing service proposed by KiwiICT is your reliable provider of proactive tech support at the required level:

  • Monthly remote monitoring at the fixed price. Perfect for efficient budget planning and risk reduction.
  • Flexible and customized bundles of technical support. Plan your regular updates, security compliances, maintenance check-up, upgrade system components 
  • Urgent fixes when everything goes south. No Panic! We’re on it.
  • Overall IT strategy. Keep in order multi-vendor hardware and software environments, distributed servers and users, security measures and compliances. 

Why choose KiwiICT over so many tech support options out there? For each task we assign an engineer, qualified in a specific field. They don’t google answers, they know exactly how to deliver efficient incidents handling, network management, server maintenance, data storage and processing, distributed system monitoring, backups and recoveries and much more.