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Infrastructure and Networks

The typical workplace is dynamic, and every establishment needs an effective and secure network for interaction. Network infrastructure goes from wireless internet connection to the hardware devices an organization needs to communicate with staff and customers to provide quality services. Here at Kiwi ICT, building a sustainable network for businesses is one of the areas where we shine the most as an IT consulting company.

We make attempts to understand our clients, what they want for their business, and what will help them achieve their goal satisfactorily. From our findings, we build networks such that no unforeseen issues will arise with adjusting data needs when their establishments begin to expand. We are an IT company that works with the best Enterprise Infrastructure vendors like Cisco, OpenVPN, Palo Alto, etc. This procedure will ensure that the cost of running the network will remain consistent throughout.

Our certified IT experts will create a solid foundation for your cybersecurity. In addition, there will be a smooth communication path between your company and its customers and staff members. This development will also make connections and communication easy, no matter where you are. There will be a drastic reduction in unnecessary downtime, and the overall productivity of your organization will be optimized.

A glimpse of how we plan an Infrastructure Design to the finest details:  

  • The overall scheme of the Network
  • Structure and layout of the necessary cabling
  • Quantity, type, and location of all devices on the network 
  • IP Addresses structure
  • LANs/WAN
  • Routing & Switching
  • Wireless Network and Management
  • Security architecture and procedures

Technology Consulting

IT is the pillar of any business, and the success of a business can be measured by the strength of its IT capacity. If it’s advice on software or a professional opinion on improving customer service through IT, we’re at your service. You can be sure to get the necessary professional input on everything IT-related to give you an edge over your competitors with us.

Being a seasoned IT consulting business, we have come to understand the challenges most companies and industries face through our years of experience. We start by taking the time to understand that a new client’s business needs to be sure of the best ways to improve it through our services. Then, we make a thorough analysis of your current IT infrastructure before making our analysis.

One of the rare benefits of having us as your partner is the (sometimes brutally) honest perspective of an outsider that you’ll get. While an in-house IT department might be biased or blind to some loopholes in the company’s IT infrastructure, we will be candid. With us, you’ll have an extra team of tech specialists working behind the scenes to implement IT solutions for you.

Partnering with us means that you will never be in want of timely, expert IT input whenever you need it. Our involvement with you will open you up to a wealth of relevant and available technology for your business. It’s our job to take care of your IT needs; we will always be looking out for the best IT resources to boost your productivity and increase the security of your IT framework.

Let KiwiICT take care of:

  • ICT Strategy & Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • IT Programme & Project Management
  • Information & Systems Security
  • IT Solutions Delivery

Advanced Call Center

The call center of a company is the virtual reception point of the business. This department is vital because the average customer or potential client is quick to judge a company by the quality of its call center. We at Kiwi ICT do not just improve the call center of every business we get involved with; we revolutionize it.

We only use the best software and IT resources in the industry to meet our clients’ needs. Some of the top-notch services and software providers we use include 3CX, Asterisk, Asternic, Virtual PBX, OnSIP, Genesys Cloud, among others. Our team is filled with world-class IT experts who will use these tools to improve your call center’s overall performance. 

Experience in dealing with similar situations has taught us to consider essential tools, customer expectations, call agents, and other factors. We are a top IT firm that will ensure that your call agents get the best tools to be at their best. The IT solutions we provide make life easier for your call agents. Through our expertise, your staff will have updated software and hardware devices to work with. We will make it possible for them to store and access customer data to provide timely information without stress.

Crucial call center functions we offer, include Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Predictive dialer, and more, will ensure seamless communication between your agents and customers. With time, your call agents will provide consistent quality service, and there will be no need for excessive monitoring on your part.

As a thriving IT services company, our clients have benefitted immensely from our advanced call center optimization with results to prove it. Some of the many benefits of KiwiITC Business VoIP Solutions are:

  • Anywhere, any-device communications
  • Professional business features
  • Integrated communications channels (phone, fax, email, DM, video)
  • Consistent branding across communications channels
  • Disaster-proof communications

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology creates room for a company to store information in a virtual space (satellite network), which they can access through the internet.  With the quality cloud technology that we provide, your team can access and share digital materials online regardless of their location. Whether you’re working with your core staff or freelancers, the distance will no longer stall your growth.

Data is dynamic, and it never stops expanding. The best solution for data storage now and in the future is cloud technology, but you need experts like us to handle this bit for you. We boast of cloud technology specialists that can rival the best in the business who use the industry’s most potent resources. At Kiwi ICT, we use sophisticated tools and only work with the most recognized and reliable Cloud Service providers in the business. The rich list of providers we use includes Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, among others.

Our expert cloud technology service will provide your network with the speed it needs to meet the demands of the business. Your members of staff will easily collaborate and access data no matter where they are. With us, you will have all the storage space you need for your data, even as your business expands. As a top-notch IT company in New Zealand, we also ensure round-the-clock protection on cloud security to thwart constant security threats. You will eventually save money for your company as there will be less need for hardware dedicated to data storage.

Explore the Benefits of KiwiICT Cloud Solutions

  • Secure, mobile access to data and workflow
  • Simplified IT management
  • Easier, real-time collaboration
  • Built-in industry-standard and legislative compliance
  • Digital business process transformation capability
  • Easily scale up or down
  • Cost-effective

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Cyber insecurity and the vulnerability of data keep on increasing, and every organization is at risk of falling victim. This makes data the most sought-after item of the modern age, which is why organizations pay a fortune to secure their data. Our mandate is to provide adequate cybersecurity and protection for your company’s data- we do it so well. We offer our clients security for their software, networks, privacy for their data, and lots more.

As one of Europe’s best IT services companies (according to satisfied clients), we first assess your data security protocol. Some companies already have intruders taking advantage of them without knowing it. From confidential company secrets to crucial business deals, anything could be hijacked or stolen. After assessing the current data security level, we then take reactive measures to mitigate any ongoing threats. The proactive security measures we take afterward is to eliminate prospective security breaches or loss of vital data.

We are bound to protect you from unauthorized or forced access to your data and resources. Our team of IT professionals has identified the different faces of cyber threats. We know how hackers can use viruses, adware, Trojans, etc. to gain unauthorized access to data, and we have effective ways of stopping them. Also, some shady competitors try to steal data or hijack deals by using spyware; with us, you have nothing to worry about. Our combination of the best minds and tools in cybersecurity is sure to keep your data safe.

Technical support

Technical support is how you maintain a well-structured network infrastructure. No matter the size, every firm recognizes the importance of IT, and most have a dedicated department for it, but its capabilities are limited. This is where we excel; we go extra lengths with our technical solutions to provide round-the-clock technical support anytime you need it.

We offer some of the best technical support services to ensure that our clients and their customers’ communication runs smoothly. We have dedicated tech experts who are always on call remotely to solve your IT-related issues so that you can stay productive.

Our IT consulting professionals are only a call or message away, and they will be there to help with fixing, replacing, testing, and recommending the best IT equipment for your establishment. We are also committed to identifying the best tech solutions and creating a strategy to achieve your business goals while reducing costs.

IT-outsourcing service proposed by KiwiICT is your reliable provider of proactive tech support at the required level:

  • Monthly remote monitoring at a fixed price. Perfect for efficient budget planning and risk reduction.
  • Flexible and customized bundles of technical support. Plan your regular updates, security compliances, maintenance check-up, upgrade system components 
  • Urgent fixes when everything goes south. No Panic! We’re on it.
  • Overall IT strategy to keep in order multi-vendor hardware and software environments, distributed servers and users, security measures, and compliances.
Yes, we are an IT consulting business, but you are important to us regardless of the industry. We treat our clients like additional members of our family. Our customer support lines and social network handles are always open to assist you with anything.