Infrastructure and Networks

Network Infrastructure is a backbone of any business. Whether you’re looking at building a network for a small business offline-oriented business or large data-sensitive enterprise you want it to be: Reliable. Scalable. Secure. You need it for both best and worst case scenarios, to be ready for any sort of threats and rapid growth.

The KiwiICT team has seen it all. Each new case is a challenge we’re up to.

First, we access the existing Network components, identify bottle-necks and determine the approach most suitable for the current situation. 

Then we plan a Infrastructure Design to the finest details:  

  • Overall scheme of the Network
  • Structure and layout of the necessary cabling
  • Quantity, type and location of all devices on the network 
  • IP Addresses structure
  • LANs/WAN
  • Routing & Switching
  • Wireless Network and Management
  • Security architecture and procedures

Now, when the Network solution was tailored and ironed, our senior network infrastructure consultants and engineers can implement it from the ground up, connect multiple sites, bring up new locations and much more. The result is transparent and accountable infrastructure to serve, not to bottle in the business.

KiwiICT offers remote workplace set up, monitoring and support for businesses of any size and structure. We work with all best Enterprise Infrastructure vendors like Cisco, OpenVPN, Palo Alto, etc.