wifi analytics

New Business Opportunity

We offer an an unique solution to collect live priceless data which was previously impossible to get: on actual store visitors and buying customers. The solution allows to gather the following data:

A salesperson receives an auto alert when a VIP buyer (returning buyer) enters the store, so they can provide exclusive service by greeting this buyer personally and offering unique deals.

From the technical point of view, the solution is based on Wi-Fi Access Points, Firewall and CCTV Cameras on the front end from infrastructure in conjunction with the cloud solution from Cisco Meraki and Cloud4wi. In addition, we offer integration of this solution with your CRM system through API Libraries for deeper analysis.

Main Features of the Solution


Heatmap provides a visual representation of the most hot spots of given location. Merged with Google Map or floor plan, the data layer shows traffic flows on the site.

Legend: grey circles represent customers not associated with Wi-Fi, but sending beacons, blue circles — for customers associated with AP within area.

Functions on the Heat Map page

Playback Function allows to see traffic density on a time scale.

Underlying Metrics

Underlying Metrics combines number of detected devices and time spent in a particular spot.

Widgets displayed as the result of the data gathered:

  • New Users: number of acquired visitors and total visitors
  • Identity Source: social media or popular web service used for account integration (e.g. Facebook, VK, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • TouchPoints: phone numbers and e-mail addresses from clients
  • Marketing: number of users consent with Promotional Communication Policy
  • Unlocked Wi-Fi Accounts: validated end-users
  • Demographics: statistical data on gender and age distribution of the acquired end-users
  • Geo: language and country distribution of the end-users
  • Operating System: operation systems used by clients
  • Device Model: most popular models of devices associated with the Welcome Portal

Guest Wi-Fi

This service allows visitors to stay connected, but at the same time can become a tool to  boost your business:

  • Offer free WiFi with fast and easy login
  • Acquire Visitors’ data
  • Analyse Statistical Data and in-store behavior
  • Customize User Profiles and introduce individual approach
  • Count each Visitor entering your store

Accurate Location Analytics

This feature provides deep analytics of the collected data. You can measure foot traffic to your locations, check spent time and find out which zone attracts the most attention. This analysis includes:

  • Traffic Overview
  • Traffic Trends
  • Zone Traffic
  • APIs, webhooks and more

Location-based Marketing

Visitor identities and in-store habits can be used for location-based marketing.

Visitor Identification

Collected and managed in compliance with privacy regulations, the personal visitor data allows you to target a customer in location-based marketing campaigns.

Discover Ready-to-Convert Visitors

Predictive analytics allows to find interested visitors and send targeted messages, so their interest could become something more.

Know habits of your visitors

Use collected data to predict the best time to start location-based marketing campaign.

Build 360-degree customer profiles

Fill customer profiles with specific details to know your customers even better.