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Software development

  • Essential Actions:

  • Determining the master application, which will accumulate and distributes all organization’s data
  • Choosing correct data transfer model
  • Automating data exchange between applications, implementing service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Staff training, maintenance and support of implemented solution
  • Purposes of integration:

  • Creating versatile information system
  • Reducing overheads on the business and reforms
  • Formation of a single information space to ensure internal cooperation of the employees
  • Improving work rate, output and quality control through rapid data exchange
  • Migration advantages include:

  • Security improvement
  • Scalability readiness
  • Performance increasing
  • Reliability and stability improving
  • Maintenance and support costs reducing
  • New functionality

We build turnkey solutions or can take over particular project phase.

Frameworks, languages and technologies: JAVA, J2EE, MS.Net, Oracle Forms/Reports/SQL and PL/SQL Windows Azure, MS SQL Server, ASP.Net, SWING, XML, Web, HTML, AJAX, SharePoint, BizTalk.


  • Re-engineering of existing software
  • Widening functionality of your system
  • Modernization and updating software systems in compliance with demands of current conditions
  • Doing away with obsolete technologies
  • Integrating data across software and hardware
  • Improving the quality of used software
  • Building new solutions for your business

Software development work includes:

  • Gathering requirements and creating use cases
  • Developing high- and low-level designs
  • Solution prototyping
  • Developing according to chosen technical solution, testing and quality assurance
  • Deploying installation packages or scripts, creating documentation
  • Support and maintenance, implementing requested changes

Testing services

We test all kinds of applications: desktop, mobile and web. Order now

Within this service we provide software testing, develop testing process from scratch, train testers and consult customers.

Through independent testing customer can get objective information about the quality of software and its risks.

We offer a full spectrum of software testing types and techniques:

  • Installation testing to ensure that application can be properly deployed, implemented and disposed
  • Compatibility testing to verify that application is running as desired in different network, software and hardware environments
  • Destructive testing to learn the front lines of software vulnerability
  • Functional testing to check suitability, accuracy, compliance and interoperability
  • Performance testing to determine responsiveness and stability under certain workload
  • Usability testing to check user interface and other user-oriented interactions to work properly and smoothly
  • Security testing to prevent system intrusions and data leaks
  • Automated and manual testing

Mobile application development

Mobile applications development for Google, Apple and Microsoft operating systems. We design and deploy apps for any purpose and all modern platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Order now


  • Mobile applications for specific platform
  • Cross-platform applications based on Xamarin and Xamarin Forms
  • Porting existing applications to smartphones and tablets or writing from scratch
  • GUI development
  • Social Networks integration
  • Testing and QA