Technical support

Technical support is how you maintain a well-structured network infrastructure. No matter the size, every firm recognizes the importance of IT, and most have a dedicated department for it, but its capabilities are limited. This is where we excel; we go extra lengths with our technical solutions to provide round-the-clock technical support anytime you need it.

We offer some of the best technical support services to ensure that our clients and their customers’ communication runs smoothly. We have dedicated tech experts who are always on call remotely to solve your IT-related issues so that you can stay productive.

Our IT consulting professionals are only a call or message away, and they will be there to help with fixing, replacing, testing, and recommending the best IT equipment for your establishment. We are also committed to identifying the best tech solutions and creating a strategy to achieve your business goals while reducing costs.

IT-outsourcing service proposed by KiwiICT is your reliable provider of proactive tech support at the required level:

  • Monthly remote monitoring at a fixed price. Perfect for efficient budget planning and risk reduction.
  • Flexible and customized bundles of technical support. Plan your regular updates, security compliances, maintenance check-up, upgrade system components 
  • Urgent fixes when everything goes south. No Panic! We’re on it.
  • Overall IT strategy to keep in order multi-vendor hardware and software environments, distributed servers and users, security measures, and compliances.
Yes, we are an IT consulting business, but you are important to us regardless of the industry. We treat our clients like additional members of our family. Our customer support lines and social network handles are always open to assist you with anything.