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Technical Support

Service Desk

Service Desk is intended to provide a single point of contact to ensure Customer receives appropriate help in a timely and effective manner. Request a call

Roles and activities:

  • Responding to queries, incidents, and problems in a timely manner
  • Providing reliable information to the Customer
  • Coordinating projects and tasks
  • Constantly improving level of service basing on actual analysis of business processes

The main purpose of a Service Desk is to resolve Customer queries or take action in order to restore normal operation. Service Desk also manages incident handling and coordinates Engineers assigned to the tasks.

We support the following operating systems:

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Supporting of remote server software on physical and virtual servers:

  • Server installation from scratch
  • Stable server operation in accordance with service level agreement (SLA)
  • Configuring the operating systems
  • Incidents handling, RCA and prevention measures
  • Decommissioning of old and outdated servers
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  • Activities:

  • Redesigning existing backup infrastructures to increase backup/restore success rates
  • Backups health and performance monitoring
  • Raising incidents and cases for each failed backup job or restore
  • Providing agreed backup SLAs
  • Activities:

  • Creating and updating backup documentation
  • Updating and installing hot-fixes for backup components
  • Securing backup data through encryption solutions
  • Providing different kinds of reports

Storage Team of KiwiICT has highest levels of certification and years of experience in large enterprises all over the world.

The data is a lifeblood of any business and protection of this asset becoming more and more important each day. We backup DAS and SAN block devices, Virtual machines, snapshots of OS, databases, mail servers and boxes, configs, enterprise portals and file systems.

Storage management service

Administration and support for all kinds of storage systems (DAS, NAS, SAN and object storages) from the following vendors: NetApp, EMC, HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Pure Storage and AWS/Azure. Get consultation
  • Activities:

  • Management and monitoring of storage systems and networks including software defined solutions for data management
  • Providing reports and capacity management services
  • Configuring high availability solutions including disaster recovery
  • Activities:

  • Improving quality of the service, performance and utilizations of storage systems
  • Integration with other infrastructure and application components of IT environment
  • Refreshment storages including migration to new appliances

Storage Team of KiwiICT has highest levels of certification and years of experience in large enterprises all over the world.

Virtualization solutions allow provisioning of a set of computational resources or their logical aggregation, abstracted from the hardware platforms, and providing logical isolation of each virtual machine on single physical recourse for its optimal utilization.

Virtualization services:

  • Support and management of virtual infrastructure
  • Proactive service improvements for utilizing virtual platforms in most optimal, flexible, and efficient way
  • Providing comprehensive reporting for all virtual components of the infrastructure
  • Planning and performing physical to virtual and virtual to virtual migrations

  • Administration of cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS, Infrastructure as a code etc.
  • Securing data and communications with public, private and hybrid clouds

  • KiwiICT RDBMS Support activities:

  • Reporting for key aspects of DBs such as performance, capacity, availability etc.
  • Proactive proposal for improvements according to best practices
  • Performing updates and patches
  • KiwiICT RDBMS Support activities:

  • Monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting DBs
  • DBs optimization and configuration
  • Security assessment and audit

We support:

ICT Consulting

Windows and *nix Operating Systems

ICT Consulting

MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL

ICT Consulting

High-availability database solutions, including clustering, mirroring and replication

  • Service activities:

  • Supporting and configuration of virtual private network (VPN) connections
  • Management of Firewalls and network protection policies and IPS/IDS systems
  • Implementing and administration of encryption methods for data protection
  • Service activities:

  • Configuration and management of antivirus products for protection of infrastructure from malware and ransomware applications
  • Providing protection of corporate email through anti-spam solutions
  • Web content/services protection and control
  • Providing monitoring services for reactive and proactive actions according to events generated by hardware and software components of IT infrastructure
  • Integration of monitoring solutions with ITSM tools (ServiceNow, Tfs, HP SIM etc.) for automatic incidents raising according to SNMP traps generated by endpoint component
  • Planning and installation of automation solutions such as Symantec Altiris, Microsoft SCCM etc.
  • Designing, integration and supporting solutions such Zabbix, Microsoft SCOM, Nagios, IBM Tivoli etc.
  • Remote management of end-user workstations and devices
  • Creating various reports regarding infrastructure health status
  • Collecting data from almost all devices through industry standard protocols