Technical support

Once a system is all set up, here comes its management to provide peak performance. Hiring staff to constantly maintain it is an option, but not always a practical and cost-efficient one to suit every kind of business.

IT-outsourcing service proposed by KiwiICT is your reliable provider of proactive tech support at the required level:

  • Monthly remote monitoring at the fixed price. Perfect for efficient budget planning and risk reduction.
  • Flexible and customized bundles of technical support. Plan your regular updates, security compliances, maintenance check-up, upgrade system components 
  • Urgent fixes when everything goes south. No Panic! We’re on it.
  • Overall IT strategy. Keep in order multi-vendor hardware and software environments, distributed servers and users, security measures and compliances. 

Why choose KiwiICT over so many tech support options out there? For each task we assign an engineer, qualified in a specific field. They don’t google answers, they know exactly how to deliver efficient incidents handling, network management, server maintenance, data storage and processing, distributed system monitoring, backups and recoveries and much more.