Technology Consulting

IT is the pillar of any business, and the success of a business can be measured by the strength of its IT capacity. If it’s advice on software or a professional opinion on improving customer service through IT, we’re at your service. You can be sure to get the necessary professional input on everything IT-related to give you an edge over your competitors with us.

Being a seasoned IT consulting business, we have come to understand the challenges most companies and industries face through our years of experience. We start by taking the time to understand that a new client’s business needs to be sure of the best ways to improve it through our services. Then, we make a thorough analysis of your current IT infrastructure before making our analysis.

One of the rare benefits of having us as your partner is the (sometimes brutally) honest perspective of an outsider that you’ll get. While an in-house IT department might be biased or blind to some loopholes in the company’s IT infrastructure, we will be candid. With us, you’ll have an extra team of tech specialists working behind the scenes to implement IT solutions for you.

Partnering with us means that you will never be in want of timely, expert IT input whenever you need it. Our involvement with you will open you up to a wealth of relevant and available technology for your business. It’s our job to take care of your IT needs; we will always be looking out for the best IT resources to boost your productivity and increase the security of your IT framework.

Let KiwiICT take care of:

  • ICT Strategy & Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • IT Programme & Project Management
  • Information & Systems Security
  • IT Solutions Delivery
Yes, we are an IT consulting business, but you are important to us regardless of the industry. We treat our clients like additional members of our family. Our customer support lines and social network handles are always open to assist you with anything.