Insurance Network Design and Delivery​

Our insurance industry clients have high expectations in areas of cybersecurity, privacy protection, and compliance. KiwiICT meets or exceeds these requirements in our network design and delivery while bringing additional network advantages such as simple scalability, high-performance for efficiency, and business optimisation capacity. We’ll show you how you can easily provision workflow access for new-build offices or existing structures.

Scope of Work

Financial Institution Network Design and Delivery​

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Our years of involvement in designing secure, ISO 20022 compliant networks for our banking industry clients has shown us that each step of the design, development, and implementation process must be in line with industry and legislative requirements. KiwiICT is providing the network consulting needed to help financial institutions stay protected and in line with compliance mandates while innovating the banking services of tomorrow. The right network foundation allows banks to take their next steps in organisational growth.

Scope of Work

Council and Government Agency Network Design and Development​

Municipalities & Government Agencies have unique network requirements, stemming from New Zealand and Australian regulations, that must be taken into consideration in the network design and implementation process. Keeping critical functional processes separate from non-essential processes is one of the ways that the right network design protects and supports your service delivery. Issues revolving around IT budgeting and IT downtime are alleviated as a result of efficiencies built into KiwiICT network design. 

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Stadium and Live Concert Wireless Networks - Entertainment Industry​

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Large entertainment venues pose a set of WiFi challenges that are vast in scale and complexity. Not only does WiFi need to be designed and implemented for the facility’s operational requirements, but performers and those attending the events need access as well. KiwiICT meets the massive task of providing separate and secured wireless access to each of these groups while maintaining GDPR compliance. By designing high-capacity wireless networks with sufficient bandwidth and coverage for the entire entertainment facility, we ensure that you can operate securely and give thousands of guests WiFi access to post and share their experience at your event on social media and elsewhere.

Scope of Work

VoIP Phone Systems for Aged Care Facilities​

Recent global events have taught everyone the critical importance of voice and video communications for Aged Care Facilities. KiwiITC delivers VoIP systems that are tailored to the specific needs of these long-term care facilities. KiwiITC VoIP systems help you handle inbound calls with greater efficiency, speed, and professionalism. Our flexible designs allow for future expansion and scalability while the security features virtually eliminate fraudulent call traffic. Because the privacy of your residents is paramount, all KiwiICT VoIP systems meet or exceed GDPR requirements.

Scope of Work

E-Commerce Security Management and Monitoring​


As retail and customers move increasingly online, E-commerce outlets must meet the security issues that come with that environment. It’s critical that breaches are addressed quickly, vulnerabilities are discovered proactively, and security is hardened for the protection of both the business and it’s customers. Payment gateways,  such as, Authorize.Net., PayPal,, etc. have high security requirements that must be met. The KiwiITC team helps you achieve compliance to these mandates as well as GDPR.

Scope of Work

Get Your Project Off to the Right Start - Statement of Work​

The KiwiICT IT consulting specialists have deployed projects across New Zealand and Australia. The importance of having a Statement of Work in place to define the scope and scale of the project cannot be underestimated. The Statement of Work operates as a guide for overcoming challenges and reaching goals within set timelines. Implementation plans, lists of materials and other related details are outlined as needed to facilitate transparent communication and coordination with the client throughout the process. Deliverables and costs are clearly outlined and provide a roadmap for the project.

Scope of Work